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K-Cow selling Hereford Heifers Dec 10th & 11th
Oct 30, 2016

3 Show Ready Hereford heifers will be selling in 2 different sales on Dec 10th in Camrose and Dec 11th in Olds, AB. Click on HEREFORD… For Sale section to view details.          

K-Cow selling Angus Heifers in Fall Fusion Sale- Nov 4th
Oct 30, 2016

2 Show Ready Purebred Angus heifers are selling on November 4th at the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds in the Fall Fusion Sale. Click on ANGUS…For Sale section to view details.          

Welcome to K-Cow RanchK-Cow Ranch was established in 1999 (as a result of the union of Kevin Wirsta and Janice Taylor.) Kevin has been raising purebred Polled Herefords since 1990, while Janice grew up on the family farm (Poplar Bluff Stock Farm) raising purebred charolais since 1981.

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      Lexi & Jake

      4-H Horse Achievement Day - 2015

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      AJHA Show - Westaskiwin 2015

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      Kailey & Jac

      4-H Expo - Lloydminster 2015

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    • Kailey & Smokin Hottie - 2015 AJHA Show

      Kailey & Smokin Hottie - 2015 AJHA Show

      Champion Commercial Yearling Heifer

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  • Selling today in Camrose, Alberta...

    Lot 33 on the left... Lot 32 on the right.

    Sale day contacts in the photos...

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    Lot 32. Selling today (Dec 10) at 2:00 pm in Camrose, Alberta. Call one of the sale day numbers below to bid if you can't make the sale.

    Ready for a junior to love her!!

    She's K-Cow Swirl 59D...

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    Heifers are settled in at Camrose for the First Choice Female Sale tomorrow (Dec 10th) at the Exhibition grounds. Sale starts at 2:00 pm

    Call the numbers below if you have any questions or want to call in a bid!

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  • Upcoming Events

    Watch out for us at the following:

    Farmfair International – Nov 8-12, 2016
    Nov 8- 12, 2016 | Edmonton, AB

    We’ll be in Edmonton from Nov 8-12 for Farmfair. We’ll be showing Charolais and Herefords at the show this year. Be sure to stop by our stall for a tour!      

    Stockade Roundup – Nov 2-5, 2016
    Nov 2 - 5, 2016 | Lloydminster, SK

    We’ll be in Lloydminster, SK from Nov 2-5 for Stockade Roundup. We have 2 Purebred Angus Heifers consigned to the Fall Fusion Sale on November 4th and will be displaying and showing Angus and Charolais cattle at this show. Be sure to stop (…)

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    Summer Synergy/CCYA – 2016
    July 11-15, 2016 | Olds, Alberta

    We’ll be in Olds, AB July 11-15 to attend the 2016 CCYA and Summer Synergy. With the girls being 14 and 12, they have become very independent. We should have some spare time on our hands to visit while the girls are doing their (…)

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