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K-Cow Sophia X TH Masterplan 183F Embryos

K-Cow Sophia X TH Masterplan 183F Embryos

DAM: An extremely exciting opportunity to own Sophia 5Z embryos! If you’ve had a chance to visit the ranch, or see her on the show road, you know that she is an exeptional female!

Sophia is one of our top cows in our Hereford herd, producing some of the strongest calves year after year! She is a no miss cow, no matter what you breed her to.

You can be sure you'll get something good out of this mating!

Sophia's calves are consistently, powerfully built with impeccable foot & leg structure, clean lines and strong tops, with excellent dispositions to boot!


Here’s a chance at the Dam of the:

~ 2020 Champion Semen Donation Female @ Provincial AJHA Show (Granddam to the Champion Semen Donation Bull)

~ 2020 Res. Champion Bred & Owned Cow/Calf Pair @ Provincial AJHA Show (Granddam to the Champion Bred & Owned Female & Bull)

~ 2019 Res. Champion Hereford Heifer Calf @ FarmFair International (Granddam to the Champion)

~ 2019 Res. Champion Hereford Yearling Heifer @ Summer Synergy ($1,000)

~ 2017 Bull of the Prairies @ FarmFair International ($10,000)


SIRE: Masterplan has solidified himself in the breed as a leader for performance and marbling, with progeny boasting an impressive IMF ratio of 111.

He presents an outcross to today's popular pedigrees while delivering consistent pigment, shedding ability, beautiful daughters, and stout sons.

Masterplan stems from a mouthwatering 9-year-old dam who is one of Ryan Topp's favorites, and he was named the number one sire for registrations this year.

Homozygous Polled

Pigment: LE/100 RE100


Exportable: EU Qualified


Click HERE to see pedigree & current EPD'S of: K-Cow Sophia 5Z

Click HERE to see pedigree & current EPD'S of: TH Masterplan 183F

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