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K-Cow Charolais

We are very excited for the future of our Charolais herd!

Most recently, we have pulled embryos from JIL French Kiss 3B, an outstanding female in our herd that has produced high selling bulls and tremendous replacement females.

6 of the French Kiss 3B X Triumph 2135 embryos sold in the 2020 Alberta Select Female Sale averaging $1,325/embryo. We are extremely excited for the spring of 2022 where we will have multiple full flush mates hitting the ground.

We have focused on purchasing bulls that are homozygous polled and have an excellent set of EPD's. With this, our cattle are very strong polled and have more performance, without sacrificing calving ease.  As a result, our bull line up is used on the entire herd. We don't buy heifer bulls... we buy bulls we like, who will run on the heifers as a yearling and with a large group of mature cows in the following years.

Charolais: Video
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