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Brooking Bang On 2095 1.png

Brooking Bang On 2095

Tattoo#: JSTN 95K

Pedigree Link

HLC Renewal 97K.png

HLC Renewal 97K

Tattoo#: CHD 97K

Pedigree Link

HLC Bloodline 92K 1.png

HLC Bloodline 92K

Tattoo#: CHD 92K

Pedigree Link

HLC Sudden Look 986J - July 2022.jpg

HLC Sudden Look 986J

Tattoo#: CHD 986J 

Pedigree Link

Rivercrest No Doubt 7H.jpg

Rivercrest No Doubt 7H

Tattoo#: TJS 7H

Pedigree Link

Owned with Lazy HE Ranch


K-Cow Harvard 124H

Tattoo: KJW 124H

Pedigree Link

Outside (1).jpg

LLB 988E Outside 541G

Tattoo: LLB 541G

Pedigree Link

Roughrider (1).jpg

Peak Dot Roughrider 3036G

TattooPDAR 3036G

Pedigree Link

Sires: Team Members
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